Welcome to the Beyond the Sand WikiEdit

Welcome to the Beyond the Sand (BTS) Wiki! Formerly known as Ships and Scoundrels, Beyond the Sand is a future Pirate MMO set in the 18th century, during the time of a huge war known as the "Atlantic War". Three major factions fight in this war; the Barcelona Treaty (Britain, Spain and the Netherlands), the French Alliance (France, Tortugan Pirates and the United Indian Tribes) and the New World Union (Freedom Fighters, Scorpion Smugglers and the Native Union). In Beyond the Sand, players pick their faction and can do many things! Make their own choices and do quests and missions, just talk, fight other players and mich more!

Features to Expect in Beyond the SandEdit

  • Housing
  • Deep Character Customization
  • Large World
  • Sailing and Ship Fights
  • Picking choices
  • Three Playable Factions

And more! Look at Possible Features for more features! Or, share your own at Ideas!

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