Metal on a Stick is a quest that is open to the player at level 10. In the quest, the player learns how to blacksmith, creates a sword and gets rewards along the way.

Part 1Edit

When you reach level 10 and level 5 in swords, a courier will come by and tell you that someone on Jasmine Island was requesting you.

Once you arrive on the island, you encounter 5 vigilantes who attack you with swords and you're bag is knocked off of you, so all you have is a sword.

Until you are defeated, vigilantes will continue to attack you. Then, three people come and take out the vigalantes, and the rest run. Afterwards, a Woman will say you either:

  • Fought horribly (If you are defeated after taking out 2 guys or less.)
  • Fought Okay (If you are defeated after taking out 3-4 guys.)
  • Fought Good (If you are defeated after taking out 5-7 guys.)
  • Fought Great (If you are defeated after taking out 8-10 guys.)
  • Fought like an expert swordsman (If you were defeated after taking out more than 10 guys.)

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