The Small Schooner is a member of the Schooner Ship Class and the Light Ship Type. The Small Schooner can hold up to 45 Crew (Hired NPCs, Companions or Players). Small Schooners are one of the 3 Starter Ships. The Small Schooner is fairly fast and is the third fastest of the Schooner ship class (The Light Schooner, another light ship type and the Schooner, a standard ship takes the lead). The Small Schooner can hold up to 5 tons of cargo but does not have much cargo space. Small Schooners have 3 cannons below deck on both sides, with a single swivel on deck on both sides.

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The Small Schooner is the third fastest Schooner. The Small Schooner has two masts and large sails.

Firepower DetailsEdit

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